Looking for guidance, accountability and a customized nutrition regimen?  We can help!


Meet Lauren, our Nutrition Coach!  Lauren is a Nutrition Specialist and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She specializes in Weight loss for busy working women who feel like their health is not quite on track, are lacking energy, want to lose weight and improve their overall health & quality of life. She also has male clients. 


As a Certified Health and Fitness professional, she understands that finding the right balance for your body and life can seem daunting and most of the time it can feel like an unsustainable art. She also knows you do not have to set out on this journey alone. Your chances of long-term success are much greater with support from a trained professional.


Using her skills and expertise, she is here to help ensure you are successful! Her clients learn exactly what their bodies want and need to lose the excess weight and, more importantly, how to keep it off!


How do I get started? Contact us or stop by the front desk next time you’re in and let them know you’re interested in Nutritional Coaching!

Heather, Tantrum Fitness Nutrition Coach



I’ve tried Nutrition Coaching programs in the past. How is this different?

You talked, we listened. Based on your feedback, previous Nutrition programs at Tantrum seemed to have a lot of good information, but not enough you could actually use. We know that it only does you good if you can actually apply that information to your daily life. Our goal is to provide you with informative, interactive talks so you have exactly what you need to get your health on track.


Is this going to cost me more money?

We understand money can be tight, so we’ve done our best to make this as affordable as possible, offering you pricing breaks for buying packages of Nutrition as well as additional discounts for those who purchase packages!  If you know you’re someone who does well with accountability then this is worth the investment in yourself.



24 hour cancellation required if you're sick or have an emergency. Must contact coach. NO other cancellation or rescheduling allowed.