Tantrum offers unique classes that you can’t find anywhere else on the Central Coast! Come shake it, work it, move it and groove without breaking the bank.


We want you to get your fitness on, so we won’t penalize you if decide to come every day…2 times a day…(Although we may put you to work as an instructor if you start showing up too often LOL!) ​​ All of our monthly and prepaid membership are UNLIMITED! This means you can come as often as you want!


Our drop-in day passes are DAY passes, which means you can take as many classes in a day as you want!

So if you want get your workout on, we can help you get started!

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All sales are final. No refunds on boot camps, workshops or memberships. All deposits for private parties are nonrefundable.  Declined transactions and returned checks are subject to a $25 fee.  Freezes and cancellations are subject to your membership terms. All freeze or cancellation requests must be made in writing using a Tantrum Fitness, LLC "Freeze Form" or "Cancellation Form" and will not be processed until a completed form is received. Forms must be received 14 days before the next authorized billing date in order to avoid being charged the next authorized charge. A declined transaction is not acceptable notice of cancellation. Balances accrued on your account from declined monthly charges or retail purchased must be paid in full to avoid collection activity. Expiring membership agreements automatically convert to a $69/month-to-month membership at the time of expiration unless otherwise changed to a different type of membership 14 days before expiration by the member. See your membership agreement for further details.